Sunday, February 27, 2011

Primary Colors

I'm loving the bright colors for Spring and was inspired to put together this primary-color-themed post.
 note:  I LOVE my new Prada Brogues or Wingtips from the Spring 2011 collection!  The colored soles inspired me to pair them with the bright blue matching tights.  It started the whole thing with my colored tights...which led me to the red tights...and so the inspiration continues.
Zoe was playing with her bright yellow Easter Peep.
Zoe wearing my shoes...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blogs from Abroad

After Maison & Objet, a couple of interesting blogs did a posting on Tina Frey Designs.  If you can read French and Japanese, here is one from Fees Maison and one from the Vogue Nippon Style Blog

The weather...

Here is a photo of the snow that fell in New York the night after I arrived from Paris.  It was quite serene, white, and beautiful...
 ...until it started melting and turned into a slushy mess...and the freezing rain started today...

New York International Gift Fair - January 30 to February 3, 2011

Hello everyone!  I finally got around to taking photos from the New York International Gift Fair in New York!  Here is my new booth in Accent on Design!  Today was day 3 of 5...the show ends on February 3.
Here is my artsy wall display...
Rainbows for Spring 2011!
The classic Grey Collection:
Here is the jewelry section:
That's the latest from the New York Gift Fair!